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Structure of WILPF in Australia

WILPF Australia section has branches in most States and actively contributes to our international program. Our section’s strength lies in its linkages between international, national and local levels. We use and develop existing international legal and political frameworks in order to achieve fundamental change in how we conceptualise and address issues of gender, justice, militarism, peace, and security. 

WILPF Australia has two governing bodies:

  • Triennial conference – every three years, with delegates from all branches, the WILPF Australia Board, and any other branch members who wishes to attend in a non-voting capacity. Triennial reviews the previous and drafts the next WILPF Australia three-year program. The WILPF Australia Board is elected at the Annual General Meeting held during Triennial. Read 2012 Triennial Report.

  • Board – composed of two Joint National Coordinators, Assistant Coordinator, Treasurer, and a representative from each Branch.

 Governing Bodies

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 "There is no way to peace; peace is the way."  
Edith Greene Balch, founding member of WILPF and Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1946.